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Test your English with our Online English Test

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How good is your English?


Find out by completing Maltalingua School of English‘s online test. Terms and Conditions apply. *

COMPLETE the 30 question test and post your comments below.

COMMENT your score and say why you would like to improve your English in Malta? We will select the best comment!

A very big “Thank You!” to everyone who took the time to do the quiz and leave a comment. We really appreciate it! We had some great entries (you can see some of the most creative comments here)! After a long talk our judges have decided the winner is…

from Poland

With her brother’s help she produced this video and posted it on Youtube. Then she left a comment with a link to the video. Very smart Aleksandra, well done!



Complete the sentence with ‘m or ‘s.

Hello. What__ your name?


Complete the sentence with a verb.

On Sunday mornings I _____ football in the park.


Complete the sentence with one of the words below.

I ____ from Hong Kong.



Decide if the question is ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’.

Did you away last August?


Complete the sentence with one word.

Sorry I didn’t ____ you last night. I didn’t have your phone number on me.


Choose the verb combination that is NOT possible.

I hope/enjoy/expect to get a free plane ticket.


Choose the verb combination that is NOT possible.

I want/would like/imagine to visit Australia.


Complete the question with the correct form of the verb.

Is there any food that makes you ______ sick?


Make questions with the prompts. Begin with Did you use to…?

When you were a child:

you / work / hard / school  ?


Complete the phrase with a suitable preposition.

What do you dream ____ doing in the future?


Complete the sentence with one of the possible answers.

My parents told me about my family _____.


Complete the conversation with the pairs of words in below.

I have a ________ the class. Do I have to bring a pen?


Correct the mistake in the question below.

When you started studying English?


What word is missing in this sentence?

One of my favourite ______ films of all time is The Terminator.


Complete the statement below:

You’re Italian, ____ you?


Rearrange the words to make what clauses.

What    anything  /  else  /  enjoy  /  I  /  more  /  than


Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentence.

____ thing led to another.


Choose the correct linker to complete the sentence.

She was very shy and ______, she was too short for the catwalk.


Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence.

It has started / started about three months ago.


Complete the sentence with the correct word.

The last time I felt really _____ about an exam was when I took my driving test.


Select the correct answer to correct the mistake.

I’m in favourite of  banning people from eating food on public transport.


Match the adjectives in the options below with the sentence:

It makes me feel upset


Select the correct rearrangement of letters below:

yendsle populated.


Complete the sentence using one of the options below.

When I first studied English I found the pronunciation very difficult but now I’m _______ used to it


Complete the sentence using one of the options below.

In Germany I didn’t _____ to watch DVDs in English.


Complete the sentence with one of the possible answers below.

The library resources in this school are sufficient to meet the _____ of students.


Complete the sentence with one of the possible answers below.

We’re _____ off for parks in my area.


Choose the right word to complete the sentence.

Your ______ family consists of your parents, brothers and sisters.


Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

I find it hard to study: I’m very _____ distracted.


Choose the correct words to complete the sentence.

I’m ________ to buy a new car in the not too distant future.







All readers who take part in competition and leave a comment are entitled to a 10% discount on courses between 1st November 2015 and 31st May 2016.

*Please note that prize must be redeemed for courses beginning within the dates of 1st November 2015 and 31st May 2016.

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Test your English with our Online English Test, 4.4 out of 5 based on 10 ratings