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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Malta Carnival 2016 – What’s on

A scary carnival float on Gozo.
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With January nearly over, February is just around the corner. This winter the islands of Malta have been blessed with lots of sun and very little bad weather. This is great for outdoor activities such as trekking, Gozo day tours, historical culture trips and more. However, the biggest event this coming month is without a doubt the Malta CARNIVAL 2016.

 This year carnival will start on the first weekend of the month, when the biggest celebrations are held. Carnival is the time when everyone joins in the fun, dresses up in costumes, joins the parties and dances in the street. Carnival in Malta is a 5-day celebration that has been traditional for centuries, since the time of the Knights of the Order of St John.

An old black and white photo of a carnival float in Valletta

Carnival in Valletta many years ago.



Traditionally, Carnival is celebrated in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. Children and adult dress up in beautiful colourful costumes and spend their time watching huge floats passing by in Valletta and Floriana. The Maltese Carnival is said to resemble the Rio carnival. An explosion of colour fills the streets, masks hide people’s faces and music fills the air…

A very colourful float in Valletta.

During Carnival Valletta is full of colour.



If the celebrations in Valletta sound a bit too family friendly for your tastes then Gozo may be the place for you. Over the past few years the village of Nadur has gained a reputation for hosting a darker and more hedonistic carnival celebration. If you fancy a crazy weekend with plenty of wild parties you now know where to go.

A frightening Carnival float in Gozo.

Carnival in Gozo has a darker feel.

This February, Malta is the place to be Carnival will run from Friday the 5th till Wednesday the 10th. Don’t forget your mask!

If you’ve got any questions about Carnival in Malta just ask in the comments below.

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Easy Comparatives – English Grammar Lesson with Quiz

a wordcloud of English comparative adjectives
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Low Medium High
A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

That house is bigger than ours.

When we compare two things or people together we use comparative adjectives.

Look at the two people below and read the comparisons about them.

2 stick figures to be used for English language comparisons

John is taller than Bob Bob is shorter than John.
John is thinner than Bob. Bob is fatter than John.
John is happier than Bob. Bob is sadder than John.
John is more handsome than Bob. Bob is less handsome than John.







Complete the sentences below with comparative adjectives.


Question: I am _________ (intelligent) my brother.

Answer: more intelligent than


I usually buy famous brand names because they are a lot ­­­­­______________ (reliable) other brands.


I always do my shopping at Lidl because it’s ______________ (cheap) the other supermarkets.


I don’t like to go shopping at the weekend because it is __________ (busy) during the week.


I think that Ferraris are __________ (good) Porsches.


The weather in France is __________ (wet) the weather in Malta.


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The Family – English Vocabulary Lesson and Quiz

a picture of a labeled family
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Low Medium High
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Read about family vocabulary.


The father is the male parent. He is the man of the family, he goes to work and he keeps the family safe.


The mother is the female parent. She is the woman in the family, she cooks for the family and takes care of the children.


The mother and the father of a family.


The daughter is the female child.


The son is the male child.


A female person who has the same parents as the other children in the family.


A male person who has the same parents as the other children in the family.


Both brothers and sisters.


Sons and daughters.


The partner of the man in the family.


The partner of the woman in the family.

Please go to The Family – English Vocabulary Lesson and Quiz to view this test

Leave a comment to let us know your score or ask a question about family vocabulary.

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Changing the subject – English language lesson and quiz

English language students chatting over coffee
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When we are feeling uncomfortable with a situation and want to change the subject we can use a number of phrases that divert the focus of the conversation from an awkward dialogue to an easier choice of conversation.

Read the dialogue below and notice the changes in subject.

Manager: Good afternoon everyone, I hope you’ve had a good day. We need to talk about the new programs installed on the computers in the offices…

Employee #1: I can’t understand how to work the new computer system, it’s too difficult and there are too many things to remember, I…

Manager: Anyway, as I was saying, the new computer programs have been installed and there will be a workshop for all of those who need some help with understanding how the system works.

Employee #2: When will the workshop be held? Can we do it tomorrow, I can’t waste a full day like I did today. Oh, that reminds me the coffee machine isn’t working either.

Manager: OK, we will try and hold the meeting tomorrow to get you acquainted with the new system. As for the coffee machine, we’ll get someone to look at that. Talking of coffee, what about going out for a coffee after work today.

Employee #1: As long as it’s on you! By the way, I think that the coffee machine needs new filters and it should work.

Manager: No problem with that, we will get it sorted out. That reminds me, we’ll be having our annual Halloween party next month so start thinking of your costumes.

Complete the dialogues with changing the subject expressions from the text above.

Please go to Changing the subject – English language lesson and quiz to view this test
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