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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Halloween Tongue Twister – English Pronunciation Practice

A Maltalingua English teacher saying our Halloween tongue twister
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Tongue twisters are a great way to practice English pronunciation and annunciation!

We got some of our English language students, staff and teachers to try our wicked Halloween tongue twister.

How well can you say it? You could take a video of yourself trying it and link to it in the comments below!

And if you want to practice some different Halloween tongue twisters try these:

  • He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.
  • Creepy crawler critters crawl through creepy crawly craters
  • Dracula digs dreary, dark dungeons.
  • Ghostly ghouls gather gleefully to golf on ghostly golf courses.
  • Gobbling gorgoyles gobbled gobbling goblins
  • Horribly hoarse hoot owls hoot howls of horror in halloween haunted houses.
  • If big black bats could blow bubbles, how big of bubbles would big black bats blow?
  • If two witches would watch two watches, which witch would watch which watch?
  • Professional Pumpkin Pickers are prone to pick the plumpest pumpkins.
  • Transylvanian Tree Trimmers are trained to trim the tallest Transylvanian trees.


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Talking about family English lesson and quiz

2 young English language students laughing and writing on a board.
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It’s important to be able to engage in small talk with other people about a variety of subjects. One subject is talking about families. Here are some words and phrases that can help you:

family history

This is the study of a family, their lineage, records, and other information. It can be represented in a ‘family tree’. Sometimes called ‘genealogy’.

Example: I traced my family history all the way back to the times of Napoleon.

side of the family

Family members related to one member of a couple.

Example: My mother’s side of the family live in Australia, but my father’s side of the family live in Japan.


A person, normally more distant than a grandparent, to whom you are related.

Example: He could trace his ancestors back to James the First.


The mother or father of your grandparents.

Example: My mother’s grandma is my great-grandparent.


A person connected by blood or marriage.

Example: A lot of my time is spent visiting relatives.

related to

Connected by blood or marriage.
To be in the same family.

Example: I just found out that I’m related to my best friend through distant cousins.


To receive qualities / genetics from other members of your family.

Example: Sam has inherited his father’s humour.

take after

Resemble a parent or family member.

Example: The rest of my sisters take after my mother.


Members of family that you are descended from.

Example: His roots are from South America.

extended family

A family that extends further than the ‘nuclear family’ (mother / father / sister / brother) to include grandparents and other relatives.

Example: A lot of my extended family live in the same house, including my uncle Matt, my aunts Marie and Claire, and two of my cousins! We’re one big, happy family.


Match the questions 1-10 to the appropriate answers a-j


Do you know a lot about your family history?


Do you know more about your father’s or mother’s side of the family?


Do you know where your ancestors came from?


Have you ever met your great-grandparents?


How many of your relatives do you know?


Are you related to anyone famous?


Have you inherited any characteristics from your family?


Is there anyone in your family whom you take after?


Would you like to learn more about your roots?


Do any members of your extended family live with you?



What was your score? Leave a comment to let us know :)

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Quad biking on the island of Gozo

Gozo quad tour
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Waking up at 8 o’clock is never easy, especially on a Saturday. However, last Saturday it had to be done. Shortly after my early rise I was walking towards our meeting point with a fresh baguette in one hand and a coffee in the other.  The students greeted me with a very faint “good morning”.  As I said, it’s never easy in the morning.  Our promised transport was bang on time, we jumped in the van and off we went. After leaving St. Julian’s we made our way to the very north of Malta, to a harbour called Cirkewwa, where we caught the ferry to Malta’s sister island Gozo.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather that day; sunshine, light clouds and a gentle breeze made the temperature just so.  Arriving in Gozo harbour we were greeted by a man who drove us to the quad bike office. After filling in some paper work and being taught how to drive the quads, we hopped on and set off for what would be a fantastic day.

For many of the students it was their first time driving a quad. It was mine too. The feeling is totally awesome! You have a sense of freedom like driving a motor bike, but also some of the safety of a car.

Gozo is a beautiful little island. Shortly after leaving we descended into a steep valley where we stopped at different intervals to smell some unique Maltese plants or to see a very old chapel in the middle of an abandoned road. 

Coming out of the valley we made our way to the very top of Ramla Bay where we stopped for a while. Walking around, the students took photos of the great panoramic views and, of course, each other. Shortly after, we hopped back on and set off again. This time we had a longer more relaxed drive, enjoying the immensely beautiful scenery. Gozo is littered with many valleys, small hills, terraced fields and very little roads perfect for quad biking.

All in all, the students and myself had a really great time. Not only spending time together, but also having new experiences and creating memories that will be cherished for a long time.

Do you have a great memory of a Maltalingua activity? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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5 days left to win a free 2 week English course!

Dorota Bąkowska's hand painted competition entry
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Attention everyone! There are only 5 days left to enter our latest competition. If you do the quiz and leave the best comment you will win a free 2 week English course at Maltalingua with accommodation included! (THE COMPETITION IS FINISHED NOW)

We really appreciate people taking the time to do the quiz and leave comments. So far, we’ve had some great entries.

People have given lots of great reasons why they would like to improve their English at Maltalingua. Some of them mentioned that it would help them with work or university. Others wrote about how they would love to come to Malta, see the spectacular sights, swim in the clear blue sea and soak up some sunshine! (The weather in Malta right now is 26°C and sunny, I might go for a swim after school 😉 )

A few people have really put in a lot of hard work to make their entries stand out from the crowd. We wanted to share the most interesting and creative entries we’ve received so far to help inspire you!

We got this lovely picture from Dorota Bąkowska

 Dorota Bąkowska's hand painted competition entry


This beautifully made animation from Małgorzata Kluska-Żuber



This adventurous video (which definitely doesn’t use any Photoshop) from Emilia Szyszko 


And this amazing video from Aleksandra Kasprzak and her very talented brother!

Can you make a more creative and interesting entry than these people? Can you get lots of people to like and share what you make? If yes, we’d love to see what you can do! Just go to our blog’s competition page, do the free quiz and post your comment at the bottom.

And remember, if you really want to come and learn English with us at Maltalingua, but don’t win the competition, we have -25% off our courses until the end of the year. And if you enter the competition you can get an extra -10% off too! (The -10% discount can also be used for 2016 courses).

Let us know what you think of these entries in the comments section bellow!

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Interesting idioms lesson with a quick quiz

Maltalingua teacher with students
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Read the following text and pay attention to the idioms!

Don’t tell John about the Emily’s party. He can’t keep a secret, he’ll definitely let the cat out of the bag!

Yesterday I had a very relaxed day at work. Today, we’ve had over fifty customers, and it’s not even one o’clock yet! Not to mention, the toilet in the men’s restroom has stopped working and one of my colleagues has called in sick! It never rains, it pours!

Make sure you take an umbrella if you’re going outside. The weather forecast was right. It’s raining cats and dogs!

You should have seen the look on Sandra’s face when I walked into the office with the new necklace that she had wanted to buy. Her face was green with envy.

Two years ago, Jeremy went out with my ex-girlfriend. I haven’t spoken to him since. Last Saturday, we met up and finally buried the hatchet. We’re friends again.

I’m excited about the party on Friday. It’s going to be very formal dress, which means I can wear my new clothes. I’m going to be dressed to the nines.

Michaela is so lazy. She hasn’t been out of the house all day. She’s just been sitting on the couch, watching television. What a couch potato!

The lady next to me on the bus-stop lost her bus-fare and asked me if I’d taken it. I told her I hadn’t seen it, but she kept on insisting. I told her that she was barking up the wrong tree, and I offered to help her look for it.

I didn’t go into work yesterday. I had a headache and a sore throat. Also, my allergies were back. I was really under the weather.

Now try to choose the one correct definition for each idiom.

Please go to Interesting idioms lesson with a quick quiz to view this test

What was your score? Leave a comment to let us know :)

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Events in Malta this month – October 2015

october malta
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October in Malta is a time of change, regarding the weather of course. With autumn in its first few weeks, you will notice that the temperature will drop to the mid 20’s and there might be a little more rain. Don’t be fooled however, the sea temperature will still be warm so there will be plenty of opportunities for water sports and days out at the beach. Here’s our pick of the best events in Malta this October.

Notte Bianca 03.10.15notte bianca 2015

This weekend Valletta will come alive on Notte Bianca (White Night), it will be a memorable night with something for everyone.

Palaces and museums are open till late with special discounts on entry, some are also free such as the President’s Palace. The streets are full of life with visual art exhibitions and theatre performances. Music echoes in the streets as local and foreign bands are also on show for your entertainment. Of course cafes and restaurants will be open until late with food stalls and tables for your satisfaction. 

Paqpaqli 04.10.15paqpaqli 2015

Paqpaqli is the biggest annual motoring event in Malta. This event is one of the largest organizations run by a team of volunteers in collaboration with The Office of The President. The main aim here is to raise money for the Malta Community Chest Fund.

This year is a list like non other, on offer for you to see and drive will be Ferrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spider, and for the first time in Malta, a Koenigsegg! There will also be other attractions, such as a motor cross event and a large collection of classic and modern Ferraris.

Mdina Grand Prix 08-11.10.15mdina grand prix

The Mdina Grand Prix Classic Car Event will be held this year between the 8th and the 11th of October. The Mdina street circuit is set in the idyllic countryside beneath the imposing bastions of the Old Capital City.

This will be the fourth consecutive year of the Mdina Grand Prix. It promises to be a magical weekend of classic car racing.

Birgu Fest 11.10.15birgu fest15

This event taking place in Birgu (also known as Vittoriosa), which is one of Malta’s oldest and most historic cities, has now become an annual national event.

Birgu fest, which was once known as Birgu by night, has grown in popularity over the past years. Mainly because of the immense beauty that is interpreted through out this fortified small city. This historical city is completely lit by thousands of candles sprinkled on every step and every balcony. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of food stalls, restaurants and bands to liven up the night.

Halloween 31.10.15halloween-party

Halloween in Malta has become a time to look forward to. With the weather still holding up nicely it gives the opportunity to really be creative and daring with your Halloween costumes. On this night theme parties are organised and of course the traditional trick or treat is done by younger ones.

Clubs and bars go all-out to decorate their premises to attract as many one eyed zombies and killer clowns as possible. It’s a good night out and definitely something you should not miss out on.  

Which events would you like to go to? Have you been to any of these events before? Leave a comment to let us know. We love comments :)

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