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Monthly Archives: September 2015

English Royal Family to visit Malta November 2015

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Malta has a very, very special family of guests heading to our shores this coming November. The British Royal family are coming to Malta in November for the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

The Queen will be accompanied by her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh; Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales; Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall; Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and her two youngest grandchildren Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


Then Princess Elizabeth and then Prince Philip lived for a brief period in Malta in 1949

The CHOGM is an opportunity for leaders of Commonwealth countries to come together and discuss important issues and events. It gives them the chance to try to find common ground and address these issues and events with a united purpose.

This year the theme of the CHOGM is “Adding Global Value”. The leaders hope to make progress towards creating a commonwealth where all young people have the chance to live “a life of liberty, dignity and prosperity.”

The visit will be the monarch’s return to CHOGM after she missed the last meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2013 – the first meeting she was unable to attend in 40 years.

The occasion has been further talked up due to the fact that almost the entire immediate royal family (albeit Prince Harry who is unable to attend due to being on duty) will be on the island at the same time, travelling together. This means security will be at its highest levels.

Malta is a special place for the Queen and Prince Philip. They lived here in their early married life between 1949 and 1951, when Elizabeth was a princess and Prince Philip was an officer in the Mediterranean Fleet.

Previously, Queen Elizabeth visited Malta in May 1954, November 1967, May 1992,  November 2005 (when Malta hosted CHOGM for the first time) and in November 2007 when she came here on what was called her ‘second honeymoon’ – marking the 60th anniversary of her marriage.

The Maltese are very strong admirers of the Royal Family and will certainly be out in the thousands to greet the Queen and her family. The exact time and date of the meeting haven’t been released yet, but it’s sure to be a great spectacle with a historic atmosphere.

Are you going to be at Maltalingua in November? Will you try to catch a glimpse of the Royal family? Let us know in the comments section below. We love it when our students get in touch!

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Useful expressions – Negotiating

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A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

The following expressions look at different aspects of negotiating.

Outlining points for discussion:

What we need to decide on today is

Let’s look at what our options are.

Putting forward proposals:

How about we…?

What I propose is…

Stating consequences:

We’d…, if we did that.

Unless we…


I could offer…

Provided you…

Reaching agreement:

I can live with that.

Summarizing the situation:

So, a quick recap…

Complete this extract from a meeting about negotiating an annual staff trip.

Anton: What we need to (1______) on today is what to do for the staff trip. Let’s look at what our (2______) are.

Carolina: (3______) about we charter a plane to Morocco for a weekend?

Anton: We do have that on our list of options, but (4______) need to stretch the budget if we did that.

Carolina: Yes, you’re right. Bob, how does HR view things? What can you (5______) us?

Bob: Well, the worker’s council always offers a staff trip – so we can’t stop this – but what we (6______) is it should be educational as well as entertaining.

Anton: You mean, (7______) we include something cultural we can choose any of our suggestions?

Bob: Yes. Let’s say you take the Morocco option. (8______) you offer excursions to places of interest as part of the package, HR might veto the whole trip.

Carolina: OK. We can (9______) with that and would organize the trip to comply with HR’s wishes.

Anton: So, a quick (10______) – if …

Please select the correct answer from the multiple choice below:

This quiz is automatically created to help you get started. It will be created only once.


Please select an answer


Please select an answer


Please select an answer


Please select an answer


Please select an answer


Please select an answer


Please select an answer


Please select an answer


Please select an answer


Please select an answer



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Useful expressions quiz – Making a phone call

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Start the call

Hello, this is Paul.


Hi, it’s Paul. (NOT I am Paul.)


Start the call



Paul speaking. (formal)

Ask to speak to someone

Can I speak to Katrin?


Is Katrin there?

Find out who is speaking

Who’s calling (please)?

When the person you want isn’t there

Can I leave a message?


Can you ask her to call me back later?


My mobile number is 111-222-333.

When the person the caller wants isn’t there

I’m afraid she’s not here at the moment.


Can I take a message?


I’ll ask her to call you back.

Finish the call

See you soon.




Speak to you later.

Finish the call

Thanks for calling.




Now test yourself by completing the following telephone conversation.

Conversation 1


Hello. Suzanne (1).


Hi, (2) Mark.


Hi, Mark. How are you?


I’m fine. How about you?


Very well, thanks.


Are you busy at the moment? Do you want to have lunch in the Japanese restaurant?


That sounds good. What time?


One o’clock?




OK. (3) you soon.


Conversation 2


Maltalingua School of English.


Hello, can I (4) to the managing director?


One moment. Who’s (5)?


It’s Michael Brewster here.


I’m afraid he’s (6) here at the moment. I think he’s at lunch. Can I take a (7)?


Please tell him I’m waiting for him in the hotel bar and I’m ordering drinks now.

Example: 1) speaking

Please go to Useful expressions quiz – Making a phone call to view this test
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