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Monthly Archives: October 2014

What to do in Malta: Events in November

Malta in November
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November is the month of change. On some days you can witness some amazing thunder storms and on others you can be at the beach in mid-20’s degrees. Either-way this creates the best opportunity to go outdoors and enjoy the Maltese country side. If you are thinking of visiting Malta this coming November, here is what you could be getting up to.

Activity:cycling winter malta

As the temperature drops and the rain starts to fall more often, the Maltese country side blossoms into life. The autumn sun in Malta can still be pretty strong creating the perfect weather conditions for walking in the countryside or even cycling. The west side of Malta has breath taking landscapes which are ideal for mountain biking.

Museums/National Aquarium: Many of the finest museums in Malta could be found in Valletta, some of which are the National Museum of Archaeology and the National Museum of Fine Arts. The National Aquarium, located in the north of the island is also an ideal place to visit at this time of the year.

horse riding winter maltaActive Leisure:

For those who fancy a little active leisure we also have this covered for you. If you ever find yourself in Malta during this time of the year you could sign yourself up for some horse riding, wine tasting, paint balling and also badger karting. All ideal for solo or group activities.

Day trips:

Throughout the autumn-winter months it could also be a good idea to book yourself on one of the Hop on Hop off buses, a perfect way of discovering the islands. You can choose from four different tours; the north tour, south tour, night tour and also the Gozo tour, which is ideal for a weekend break.

Historical Tours:Malta temples winter

Malta and its islands are full of history. If you are given the chance, you can very easily join a guided tour with one of our teachers on a historical trip to Valletta, the three cities situated just opposite Valletta, Mdina and also the Temples which are older than the pyramids or even Stonehenge.

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Wine tasting and dinner

wine tasting & dinner
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Last week in Maltalingua, we decided to spice things up a little with a fantastic wine tasting tour and a lovely dinner out by the sea.

The wine company we visited, with the name of Marsovin is located in Marsa, which means port or harbour. We still had very very warm weather here in Malta, however all was much cooler when we made our way into the icy cold cellars. The cellars are kept at a chilling 16⁰C and with extremely thick walls we surely did not feel the outdoor heat. We first had a detailed speech about the founder of Marsovin and the vineyards where the grapes are grown. Our French guide than took us for a tour around the cellars and described different facts about storing their wine and also how the sparkling wine is made and stored very carefully.

Save the best for last, the tasting of the wine. To go with the different wins, we also had traditional Maltese appetizers, simply splendid. With a group of 10 students and another 6 Dutch men, the atmosphere was really nice and friendly.

As we were gathering next to our van just outside the establishment one of my students brought me a bottle of wine as a thank you for helping her at the school. This really made my day and certainly brought a big smile to my face. :)

To add on the cherry onto our cake, we went out for dinner with a group of 25 students. The restaurant is located just across from our school so was not a problem for anyone. Fabulous wine, good food and certainly very nice company, the students really had a fantastic day.

This is what the Maltalingua experience is all about!

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Maltalingua is now accredited by EAQUALS

Maltalingua Management
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We are pleased to announce that Maltalingua has been awarded the internationally recognized, and prestigious EAQUALS accreditation for Excellence in Language Education.

EAQUALS (Evaluation & Accreditation of Quality in Language Services) is an international accreditation which is a very important recognition for the school and the local EFL industry in Malta.

We were thoroughly assessed across twelve different categories which measure standards at the school and its services, our English language courses, the working conditions of employees, the welfare of the students and the publicity information provided. Maltalingua has been awarded points of excellence in 8 of the 12 categories.

The inspectors identified points of excellence in the following categories:

1. Management and Administration
2. Teaching and Learning
3. Course Design and Supporting Systems
4. Learning Environment
5. Client Services
6. Quality Assurance
7. Staff Profile and Development
8. External Communications

teachers and EaqualsDespite the additional pressures of high season, we decided to invite the inspectors in summer 2014 which would allow for both the adult and junior programmes and individual centres to be evaluated simultaneously.

Martyn Ellis, one of the principal visiting school inspectors for EAQUALS reported that despite opening its doors as recently as April 2012, Maltalingua have made impressive progress in a range of key areas in establishing itself as a language centre with clear principles and high service standards.

Mr. Ellis also reported that Maltalingua can already be considered as a provider of a high quality learning experience, with good standards of accommodation and social activities for both adult and junior students.

EAQUALS schools are recognized by CSN – the Swedish Board of Higher Education for the allocation of study abroad loans and grants. In Italy, the Progetto Lingue 2000 gives credit to EAQUALS courses as additions to school and higher education. In Switzerland, a number of companies require EAQUALS certification for in-company language teaching.

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Horse Riding with Maltalingua

Horse riding 09.10.2014
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We return back to normal this week in Malta with temperatures reaching 27⁰C. After the treacherous thunderstorms last weekend, the Maltese Islands returned to greenery, with the countryside attracting tourists and locals alike. As the beautiful sun shone over Malta, we took this opportunity to spend some relaxing time horse riding.

The stables are situated in the north west of the Islands, just behind the very well-known, Golden  Bay. With a small group of 6 students, we set off from the urban town of St.Julians, into the wild west of Malta. As the sea came into sight we soon arrived at our destination, where we found Mario the stable owner waiting for us.

I must admit, I am not keen on horse riding, however when everyone was saddled in tightly, we left the stables and began our relaxing journey.  We slowly rode into the Maltese outback, with one horse following another. Horse riding is a lovely experience in this time of the year, as the Maltese country side starts to come to life after the long dry summer.

Three of the students had never been horse riding before, so safety measures had to be taken. In fact, the instructor made sure that the horses were calm, and he guided them all along the route. I followed with the rest of the students. We gradually made our way up the hill side, first having to pass through a slightly busy road, then made our way along a trail in the middle of the Maltese wilderness. The west side of Malta is simply breath-taking, with views of Gozo in the distance and massive cliffs in the calm blue sea. We couldn’t have asked for better weather conditions with blue skies and not a cloud in sight.

Nothing better after a whole day of studying, than the fresh sea air and sun’s rays to simply relax in the peaceful outdoors. The students loved it and had a great time. Mission accomplished. :)

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A trip to Malta 5D and Valletta.

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Giuseppe 15.15 pm Tuesday 7th is our meeting point today. We will visit the capital of Malta, Valletta. We began our walk of 10 minutes to get to Sliema where we took the ferry to go to Valletta, very short but very funny our little trip. We got off and walked to Malta 5D, a very cute movie with special effects telling the story as Malta was attacked on many occasions and also some images of the beautiful islands. We then walked through the streets of Valletta where we saw the theatre which was destroyed in the war, which is now an open air theatre. Every corner has a little history with beautiful buildings like the Grand Master’s Palace & Armory, where we took a group photo. Inside we visited the garden with a beautiful aroma of flowers, a very big sundial and a music box which plays the Maltese national anthem. We went through the market where in the past you could buy all the fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, fish etc and also buy sweets in a typical Maltese pastry shop.

We reached St.James Cavalier where the Prime Minister’s office is located, then walked to the Upper Barrakka gardens with a beautiful view of the Grand harbour and the three cities. After we returned by different streets to the ferry to return to Sliema.

What I liked the most is how proud Maltese people are of their country. 😀

Jorgelina Cirulli, 38, Spain.

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What to do in Malta: Events in October

Malta in October
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Finally October is upon us and now that summer is officially over the temperature has started to decrease slowly and we also witness the beginning of the rainy period in Malta, making it ideal for country side walks. The sea however is still warm in this time of the year, at around 25ºC, this makes it suitable for sea lovers to still enjoy a day by the sea side.


Birgu festival

Birgu is one of the three historical cities located just opposite Valletta. During the 2nd weekend of October, Birgu is transformed into a candle light wonderland. As night falls, all of the street lights are turned off and the whole town is completely light up by candles. This really gives stunning effects as if you are travelling back in time as the narrow streets and old houses create the perfect ambiance. The whole community comes alive as Churches and museums are open for the public including food stalls and live bands. Truely a night not to be missed if given the opportunity to visit.

mdina grand prixMdina Grand Prix, 9th to the 12th October 2014

Mdina, the old capital of Malta is situated in one of the highest central points in Malta. This not only creates breath taking views but also exceptional conditions for hill climb racing. Every year in October the Mdina Grand Prix is organized. Here you will find your selection of classic sports cars and more modern ones all lined up for a tire smoking, petrol fuelled weekend. You will also find your older classic cars all polished up ready for their photo shoots.

Click on the link below to find out what’s going on.


Rolex Middle Sea Race, October 13th to October 25th 2014Rolex-Middle-Sea-Race

This year, the Rolex Middle Sea Race has its 32nd anniversary. From Valletta’s harbour, about 70 cruisers embark on a 606-sea-mile journey to pass the Strait of Messina along the eastern coast of Sicily. The trip continues around Stromboli, Favignana and Pantelleria on Sicily, and then back to Malta through Lampedusa. The different landscapes and textures of the sea make this race a particular challenge and attraction!


We all know that October is the month of Halloween, a tradition celebrated throughout most of the world. We have larger celebrations in Malta, however over the years Halloween theme parties are picking up, so if you’re into dressing up and a spooky night out, you’re most certainly covered for.

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Get funded by your boss, here’s what you need to know.

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Interested in taking a language course or even better, travelling to learn a language in a foreign country? Here are some tips that you could use to persuade your boss on doing this.business english language

In many countries it is actually within your right to study or educate yourself by taking a course or even travelling if need be. In some European countries such as Germany www.maltalingua.de/bildungsurlaub-malta/ and France www.maltalingua.fr/dif/, this is actually enforced in the law therefore being recognized in these country. Costs for such programmes may also be tax deductible.

Here’s what you should tell your boss in order to convince him/her to send you on a language course abroad:

Personal development is cheap

Your personal development should be seen as an important aspect in the eyes of your employer. Let’s face it, being sent on a business trip to improve your language skills and with it the culture and services it offers is way more eye opening and interesting than being offered job training or team-building.

Also work from your place of residence

In this day and age it is still very possible to part-time study while work. Internet is now a global necessity, so whether on a long term or short term trip, you will still be able to work while learning your new language.

Make your company more competitive

A series of studies has shown that language skills increase the competitiveness of the company, both locally and internationally. This is strongly believed by the EU, particularly in the importance of language skills for European companies.

More business students, be one of them

Language schools are also receiving more and more business clients who are sent form their place of work to better the language needed, so why shouldn’t you?

International networking

In schools there are also special business meetings to help discuss their networks and for professionals from a wide variety of sectors, whilst also improving their language being studied.  So important work topics can also be discussed.

This will help you give a better understanding of a companies’ culture

Attending a language course can help you soak up the local culture far easier when actually there. It is far more frustrating to learn about a culture when you cannot experience this first hand.

This will also make you happier

According to research done by the University of Warwick, happier employees are more productive employees. Thus if your boss has to send you on a language trip, you will be far happier than being stuck at your desk. This will lead to acquiring skills improving your personal life and work life therefore leading to more productivity.

Organization, no problem

There are many language schools that have thousands of different clients all seeking a professional experience. This said, it is almost certain that every school will offer the very best that it possibly can to make an exceptional stay as certain as possible.

This will make you more attractive in the eyes of recruiters

At the end of the day learning to speak more languages is not only beneficial for yourself, but also for your career life. It has been proven that being able to speak more languages can improve your work chances and a higher salary. (You might want to mention this.)

So now that you know this, its time to sit down with the big man and talk about your next learning experience.

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