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Monthly Archives: May 2014

What to do in Malta: Events in June

Picture of Malta by Claire
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June is now upon us and summer is nearly here. With temperatures soon reaching 30⁰C, it’s all about the sun and the sea. As the sea temperature starts to increase, one becomes aware of the plenty of beautiful beaches scattered around Malta. One is truly spoilt for choice.


We start off June with the Malta Arts Festival, being hosted from the 1st to the 15th.

The Malta Arts Festival takes place every year, displaying a wide range of different works of art, both Maltese and international. This festival is held in different venues such as theatres and conference centres in Valletta. The best part is, most of these presentations are free of charge.

Music:Isle of MTV Malta

Malta is well-known fas an island for top entertainment especially over the warm summer months. We start off the summer season with a bang, with the Malta Music Week, held from the 20th to the 25th. Big parties will take place every day, catering for different followers of different musical tastes. The last day is the biggest of them all, with the Isle of MTV Malta Special this year being held on the 25th. This is held every summer and is yet again totally free, attracting over 50,000 people. Three global artists perform a live show also including an amazing line up of DJs, it is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed.


Towards the end of June we have the L-Imnarja Summer Folk Festival taking place on June 29th.

L-Imnarja meaning “Festival of Light”, dates back to the 1530s when fires were used in festivities. Today, the festival is celebrated in Buskett Gardens, where family and friends gather for picnics, drink fruity Maltese wine and eat national dishes such as the traditional rabbit dish. In the evening, singing, guitar playing and local folk music provides entertainment.

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Badger Karting Grand Prix, Maltalingua Style!

Students on the pole
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As one of the highlights in this week’s activities Maltalingua decided to organise a badger karting grand prix – one of my personal favourites!

Badger karting is an activity that generally attracts the attention of the guys however it was nice to see a variety of people joining, it just makes the activity more fun.

The location of the event is in the centre of Malta in a small village called Ta Qali, situated next to the national football stadium. It only took us 20 minutes to arrive at the venue from our school, luckily for us on the way our taxi driver gave us a taste of Maltese driving!!

Building up a great vibe as we get closer and closer like little kids on a school outing, we arrived : )

Itching to get into the carts the students were explained the rules and race, jumped in, couple photos and, off they go.

Whilst I took some photos, it’s always interesting for me to find out who the fast drivers are and those who are less fast. Even funnier when a student spins out as a result of another student pushing them into the tire wall!! Saftey checks in place – no one got hurt.

Coming in first place was Adrian from Spain, so well done to him, followed by Fa from France in second place and closely after was Antonio from Italy, so well done to them.

Article written by Julian (Activity Organiser)

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Let’s go to Comino! A guest post by Claire

Comino and Malta are beautiful
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I like to travel, to discover new landscapes but what I like the most is to talk with people and to understand their ways of living. But I don’t speak all languages! I speak English to most of the people I met! When I went to Malta, it helped me a lot!

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit Malta with a friend. Students who had spent six months as exchange students told us about this  Picture of Malta by Claire magical place and how much they loved it – we were not disappointed! We rented a car at the airport, which was very simple because we were so warmly welcomed. Fortunately, they warned us to drive on the left side of the road!

We visited the old town Mdina, Valletta and Comino, a small island just a few minutes away by boat. We found places as beautiful as postcards when we visited the small island of Comino and its Blue Lagoon.

We awoke early to catch the first boat. We put the bare minimum in our bag because we knew we would have to carry it all day and, even in October, the temperatures are around 30°C in the city

Once we arrived at the port, we realized we were  in the right place because a dozen boats offered to take us to the paradise island . Everyone spoke English, which helped us to quickly understand that the crossing would not be long, so that’s why they could take us on an inflatable boat.
Thrills guaranteed!

Blue Sea in MaltaOnce we arrived at the Blue Lagoon, we quickly rented masks and snorkels and went to discover the small fishthat lived there. There, we found a beautiful atmosphere, an amazing setting and breathtaking views.
We also had time to take a long walk around the entire island via the coast and saw beautiful beaches with turquoise waters! We met a couple who spoke English and had lunch on a small deserted beach. We talked about what we had already visited and exchanged tips for the rest of our trip.

After five hours spent on the island, it was time to go back, but I had a great day in a magical setting!

Thanks for everything, Malta!



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Maltalingua wants you back! 5% discount!

Malatlingua 5% Discount
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“Are you missing Maltalingua

as much as we miss you?”


Super Summer LAST MINUTE Offer!

Adults – 5% discount off English courses (in summer)

Juniors – 5% discount off summer programme packages


Fun at the pool

(valid for courses of 2 weeks or more, terms and conditions apply)

To qualify for this offer please book your summer adult programme until June 13th or your summer junior programme until June 20th 2014.

We hope to see you again soon!

Your Maltalingua Team :-)

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Winner of Maltalingua Smarties Competition!

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Maltalingua TeachersFinally, we have a winner of our Maltalingua Smarties Competition!

It was a tough competition although the rules were very simple; guess how many smarties are in the jar.
We had around 500 participants from all over the world who were eager to win the fantastic prize of a language learning journey! Many entries came to us that were pretty close to the actual total of 15376 smarties; that’s a whole lot of chocolate!

Johana from Caracas in Venezuela won a two week English course, inclusive of accommodation as she guessed closest to the right amount of smarties in the jar; Johana’s lucky guess was 15543.

She is 29 years old and currently studies public accounting at the University of Venezuela. She loves numbers and calculations as well as the beautiful landscape and charming surroundings in which she lives. Johana likes to go to the beach, listen to music and to read.

She is very happy about her prize and can’t wait to start the English course as she received super- positive comments from friends who have previously Johana from Venezuela attended it and she is inspired by pictures of the beautiful island.  Next to that, Johana is very interested in the cultural diversity and looking forward to the enjoyable climate which is luckily the same as in Venezuela.
Back home she did some research on where is best to learn English and it turned out that she favored the small Mediterranean island not only because of the holiday atmosphere there, but also as it offers value for money compared to English courses in the native speaking countries such as England for example. Finally, Johana said, she is looking forward to improve her English enough to  be able to stop using google translate – especially as she needed to use the site when she was informed by Maltalingua that she won the competition 😉

We are looking forward to welcome Johana at our school and hope she will have an unforgettable two weeks here in Malta.

See you soon :)

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