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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Things to do and see in St Julian’s Bay

Coloured Panorama in St. Julian's Bay
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Just a stone’s throw away from Maltalingua is the vibrant and lively St. Julian’s Bay. This is an ideal location whether you wish to enjoy some of the island’s most beautiful views or you’d rather spend your evenings experiencing some of Malta’s best nightlife. It also offers plenty of chances to mix with the locals and practise your newly-acquired English skills!

Students Night Out

For the night owls, Paceville is a short distance from the heart of St Julian’s Bay and boasts some of the biggest and best nightclubs in Malta or, if you’d prefer the comfort of a traditional English pub (and the opportunity to speak to native speakers), head to the Sun in Splendour. The picturesque Spinola Bay is perfect for a casual stroll after enjoying one of its many popular restaurants. For some quiet time, away from the busy bars and restaurants, Balluta Square has some very cosy little cafés and restaurants with a slightly more chilled-out atmosphere than the night spots of Paceville. If, however, excitement is what you’re looking for, then look no further than the casino at Dragonara Palace where you’ll have the chance to practise some slightly specialist English vocabulary and, hopefully, win enough to pay for a beer or two in Paceville!

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Why English grammar is crucial to learning the language effectively.

Students in the classrom
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As a world language, it is undeniable that English skills are vital, whether in business or simply when travelling. English can help you to communicate with people from all over the world and can provide new opportunities and open doors to you which were previously closed. Whether it’s the chance to sign a contract with an overseas customer or the chance to make new friends from around the world, English conversation skills are a major advantage. But is there more to using a second language than simply conversation practice?

Of course speaking skills are important and, by extension, it’s vital to increase your vocabulary but an often-neglected skill when learning English is its grammar. Grammar rules are the building blocks of a language and learning and understanding why sentences are constructed in a certain way or how to conjugate verbs, position adverbs and form tenses can help you to achieve fluency in English a lot faster than simply by speaking. If you understand the principles of English, you can apply these principles to any new concepts that you learn, increasing your capacity for independent learning as well as your ability to communicate effectively in English. As with any new skill, it takes practice to master and there are a number of online resources to help you.

Our Spanish-speaking readers will find the following link useful: http://maestrodelsigloxxi.blogspot.com.es/p/recursos-didacticos.html

And, some tips in English:


Master English grammar and couple this with conversation practice and you’ll be fluent in the language in no time.

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It’s official: Maltalingua English Language School is a Quality School!

Maltalingua got rewarded!
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We are delighted to announce that Maltalingua has been awarded the LanguageBookings Quality School Award 2013.

The award is recognition of the emphasis we place on quality English teaching combined with the pleasant atmosphere of our school and the care and attention we pay to our students as well as our efforts to make learning English affordable. The Quality School Award is given to language schools with high appeal for international students with an unbroken record Quality School Award for Maltalinguaof best value for money and competition was fierce – Maltalingua earned this recognition in comparison to hundreds of schools. The award confirms that Maltalingua has achieved high quality standards in its range of language courses.

Whilst we are thrilled to make this announcement, this recognition does not mean that we will get complacent – here at Maltalingua we constantly strive to make our language courses the best, our students the happiest and our prices extremely competitive and winning this award does not change that.

So what other reasons do you need to learn English with us in Malta? Our award winning language school is waiting to welcome you!!

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