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Monthly Archives: April 2013

May Events in Malta

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An English course at Maltalingua wouldn’t be complete without taking some time to explore the culture and nightlife of the island further. There is always something going on in Malta and May is no different! So here’s a summary of some of the island’s highlights to keep you occupied outside of your course.

The third edition of the much anticipated Beland Music Festival takes place between the 10th and 17th May this year. This is a free event showcasing some of Malta’s finest musicians so a perfect opportunity to experience Maltese culture firsthand. If you prefer British music, the Maria Mater Gratiae concert band are performing a wide range of genres in their ‘Rule, Britannia’ event on 12th May at Ħaż-Żabbar.

Jewellery Exhibition open until 26th May
The beautiful, historic  in the island’s capital Valletta plays host to a collection of spectacular – and seldom seen in public – pieces of jewellery loaned from Maltese private and church collections. The exhibition started in March but you still have until the 26th May to enjoy these pieces.


If you’re looking for something a little more light-hearted, the Malta Amateur Dramatic Club is performing ‘Secret Bridesmaids Business’ at the St James Cavalier in Valletta. The play is a comedy and centres around a bride the night before her wedding day and the escapades of her bridesmaids who must decide whether to tell her about her less-than-perfect husband. More comedy can be found at Eden Comedy’s 6th Stand Up Comedy Night on the 24th May at Eden Cinemas featuring top comedians from around the globe.

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Malta, Summer 2013 – MTV are in, are you?

David Guetta Live
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How would you feel about joining 50,000 music lovers on the sun-kissed island of Malta this summer? What about watching some of the world’s top music acts performing live in the iconic Il Fosos Square in Valletta? Now, how about if we told you that you could do all of this for FREE at the Isle of MTV Festival this year?

Interested? Read on…

The Isle of MTV Festival has been running successfully on the island of Malta for the last six years and has featured acts such as Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga, will.i.am and David Guetta and 2013 is promising even more top acts, star performances and an incredible atmosphere! MTV’s flagship summer event this year takes place on 26th June – perfect for those who wish to combine their experience of live festival music with a little sun worship!
Why not also combine your visit with a language course at Maltalingua? Our school has recently been modernised and offers a free internet studio, self study room and book lending library making learning English with us the perfect complement to the festival experience and the sun, sea and sand which Malta offers in abundance. Added to that is the fact that our school is a stone’s throw away from Malta’s liveliest night spots so your commute from the classroom to the dance floor couldn’t be easier!

With no fewer than seven low-cost airlines waiting to bring you to this beautiful island, an opportunity to see some of the world’s top acts performing LIVE and the chance to learn English in magnificent surroundings, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket NOW!

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Use the Holiday Industry to Improve Your English in Malta

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For many people learning a language, the difficulty is not in learning the words and grammar, it is finding the situations within which you can practice what you learn and improve. At school students learn all about the rules and regulations of a language, but they don’t get a proper opportunity to put it into practice. With Maltalingua, you learn all the practicalities of English in the classes with teachers who teach you all you need to know, but you then have the opportunity to go out and practice the language in the real world. This makes learning a language so much easier, and allows you to pick up extra bits of vocabulary and local slang along the way. But how do put yourself in contact with people and enable yourself to get into conversations with them beyond a simple “Hello” and “How are you?”? One great way to do this is working in the tourism industry.

Working in a hotel or villa in your time off can give you great exposure to visiting tourists where you can get into conversations about what to do in the area, information about destinations or just chatting about life. Likewise, getting a job at a tourist attraction can enable this too, so you can get more contact with those speaking English. These are all fantastic places to improve your English and get good practice. Bars and restaurants are also great places to expose yourself to a language, whether it is chatting with other staff or customers. Of course, you will be surrounded by people speaking English everyday and in itself this can help you pick up language tips, but it is really speaking which will accelerate your progress. If you’re a confident person then maybe you’ll be happy just to approach people in the street and ask for a chat.

Another way to improve would be to become a tourist yourself. If you are visiting Malta from another country then no doubt you will want to explore the beautiful islands and experience everything it has to offer, from Gozo to Valletta. Instead of venturing out on your own or with friends of your own nationality, why not go on a trip with your new international friends and vow to only speak English on the trip (it might be your only option!). This will allow you time to practice away from the scrutiny of fluent locals, but still allow you to support each other and pick up tips from each others knowledge. Malta is undoubtedly a fantastic place to visit, why not make the most of its fantastic tourism industry to enhance your language learning experience?

This is a guest post from Tom at Malta Holidays, a guide to the best things to do in our beautiful archipelago. You can follow them on Twitter and see the best of Malta on their Facebook page.

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English Grammar – Future simple

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In this English lesson we have a look at the differences between will and to be going to:


To be going to

1) Spontaneous decision

  • The phone is ringing. A: I’ll answer it.  
1) To express a plan

  • I’m going to invite Riccardo to the party.
2) Prediction about the future (what we think will happen)

  • It will rain tomorrow
2) Prediction about the future (when you have proof that something is going to happen)

  • It’s dark and cloudy. A: It’s going to rain
3) to express a promise

  • I’ll call you when I get there

 Now try the following quiz to see how much you remember

I _________ to the supermerket

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English Grammar – Zero and first conditionals

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Let’s have a look at the differences between the zero and first conditional in English Grammar:

Zero conditional

First conditional

Use: We use the zero conditional to talk about things which are generally/always true Use: We use the first conditional to talk about an action that is likely to happen in the future
Form: If/When + present simple + present simple

  • When she gets home early, she goes to the gym.
Form: If + present simple + will/won’t + infinitive

  • If it rains, we won’t go to the beach

Now take the quiz and see what you have learnt from this lesson 😉

[ssquiz id=’33’ all]

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